Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thank You Sir, Can I Have Another?

At this point, if you are , or Christian, and still watching network TV, you deserve the slaps in the face you get from it.

As I note here A network proudly celebrated a characters abortion, while playing a hymn.

A Christian HYMN, so brave. SO edgy.

They do it, expecting you to turn the other cheek , of course. Despite the rhetoric about how lunatic Christians and crazed pro lifers are as bad as Radical Islam, they know they can ridicule you with impunity. Networks executives know that in the end, you will decide your "stories" are worth more than your standards. "Are you not entertained", after all? Eagerly exchanging your principles for bread and circuses. Don't complain about the culture, you are sponsoring it's decline. At least Esau was starving, and the pottage was nutritious.

They played Silent Night, during a simulated abortion on network TV, They are laughing at you. They know you will just take it.

"more please"

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