Friday, March 17, 2017

Jesus and Chelsea Clinton

  President Trump released his budget draft, and the left has suddenly gotten religion. What Would Jesus Do is no longer gauche, but instead the question dripping from every media pundit's quivering lip. All day on the news, on Twitter, and other social media wealthy busybodies in sackcloth and ashes, crying to the heavens "Who will feed the grannies" upon hearing that the 3% that the fed funds for Meals on Wheels is being targeted for cuts.

  Of course no national moral crisis is complete without the left's new favorite spokes model for righteous living, Chelsea 10 Million Dollar Condo Clinton, piping up on cue. She persists in popping up like a perpetual whack a mole, to dispense trite, moral, cliched wisdom. Did she suggest starting a foundation to raise funds to feed the poor? Ha HA, it's almost like she has never heard of such a thing. Did she organize a charity $30,000 a plate dinner, did she call upon her other trust fund pals and celebrities?

  No, she called upon you. Chelsea Clinton is basing her future political aspirations on her being too miserly or lazy to find private ways to fund these projects. She sees the country as an endless trust fund to be accessed at any time for any need that SHE, and other liberals, deems necessary.

 Our betters need our cash. After her mother and the rest of the media have called half of the country deplorable, suddenly she wants to appeal to our better natures. That's the crappiest part of it. We are all stupid backwoods peasants till the check comes due. Your moral code is a joke to them. Your family values sneered at. Your Jesus religion, archaic, barbarism, till they can use it to control you.

  Jesus did not tell Herod, Pilate or Caesar to feed the poor. He told you to do it. He told the rich man to voluntarily give ALL he had to the poor.  He did not tell them to stump for higher taxes. It's ALMOST amusing to me that people with means, insist on ignoring THAT bit. Using your platform to remind me that Jesus says do such and such for the poor, while you sit on a bundle of your own cash, does not fly. You can be rich and Christian, but you don't get to force others to be charitable in the name of Jesus for you.

  Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's?  Caesar is dead and we have no king.

 The government should not be our training wheels. Learning to ride a bike after riding too long with training wheels to support you,makes it harder to do without. When you see something that needs to be done, do it. Don't lean on government for it.

Our country is paralyzed to inaction... Who will feed the poor... Well you Henny Penny.. You will do it.

 Because, damn it, if it's not important enough for you, Famous Person Of Means to do, it sure the hell isn't important enough to force me to do it for you.

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